PT&T (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a leader in the app design and development business.

Our apps are used and enjoyed by people from all walks of life, all over the world.

All our apps have three vital functions in common. They are …

Solution based

In designing the apps, we ask ourselves: “What are the biggest challenges our clients are facing?” Then we look at that problem from many angles, and look for creative ways to overcome the obstacles.

We design our apps as the solution to those problems and challenges.


Making something complicated, anyone can do. It is creating something simple that is the challenge. Albert Einstein said: Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex.

Our apps are complex enough to do what you need them to do, and simple and intuitive to use.


One of the main online concerns our clients face is the constant danger of cyber-attacks in one form of the other. We enforce the strictest security measures in all our apps.

Whenever you use one of our apps, you can rest assured that you are safe from online danger.


Never Miss a Moment, Never Lose Your Phone
Bigger Storage

Keep your telephone contacts, photos, videos, music, SMS and important content.

Easy to Share

Share all your files or memorable photos with your friends and loved ones.

Safe and Secure

Keep your data safe with World-Class secure protection with AES-256 and Amazon Web Services.


The best way to keep in touch
Kint is not only the best way to keep in touch. It is also one of the best and easiest ways to manage any group of people, whether it is a small club, or a large corporation or organization. Kint comes with a multitude of handy and helpful features.

Easy administration

Fill in the details of all members on an excel sheet. Upload to the Kint Admin page, and with one click everyone will get an email or message with all the information they need to download and use the app. You can have unlimited members, groups and sub-groups.

Automatic reminders

All members will receive reminders of events or functions, either automatically for birthdays and holidays, or any other reminders or notices the admin team send out.

Easy communication

The built-in chat function allows all members to easily chat with each other, or create chat groups as well. They can also send photos and videos.

CEO Direct

First to Know
CEO DIRECT is an amazing tool to empower you in your job as a CEO or leader of any company, organization or institution.

Communication and Connecting

You cannot lead if you don’t know what is going on. CEO Direct makes it easy for you to be in the know, for your employees to communicate with you, incognito if they want to, and for you to communicate with them.

Influence and inspiration

CEO Direct has a built-in library of mini courses. Select a course on topics from Leadership to Conflict Resolution to Communication, depending on what is most relevant or needed.

Reporting and Resources

You will receive monthly reports to help you measure employee engagement and other subjects to help you know your company better.


Employee management App
With HRplus you can

  • Keep track of your employee’s work time.
  • Know where each of your employees is.
  • Make sure it really is your employee who is at the work site.
  • Send out automatic reminders to your employees.
  • Use the app to send out messages or announcements.
  • Get easy to read reports of each employees work hours.


Get it. Keep it. Save it.
Storage and Security App

Tigo Backup is a cloud storage and Anti-theft security application for Tigo customers. It is useful for anyone who needs an easy way to store, sync, stream, and share data for business or with friends and family.

It is mobile security application SIM change, Siren, Locate, Capture Picture and Remote Wipe. This feature works on Online and Offline as well.