To be a world leader in designing and developing solutions based apps that enable our clients to make work simpler and enjoy life more.

Our founder, Mr. P. M. Kalai, is a visionary. He realized that mobile communication opened the door to possibilities never before thought possible. He founded PT&T to take advantage of those possibilities. As mobile phones and apps evolved, boundaries were broken and new possibilities were discovered. What seemed impossible just a few years ago we now take for granted.

We at PT&T build on our founder’s vision and look at the challenges we face today, problems that currently seem impossible, and develop wonderful solutions to meet present and future needs.


Deeply Dedicated

We have an amazing team of talented and dedicate coders, managers, web and app developers, designers, and copy writers, all dedicated to your success, to creating apps that our clients love.

Forward Thinking

Our team develops apps that will continue to serve our clients for years to come. We are constantly studying the present and future trends in order to better anticipate and meet your needs.

Always Improving

Each of our team members make it a priority to keep in touch with the latest technologies and developments in the app world, and keep improving in their particular skills.

Being Passionate

We have fun working, but we take what we do very seriously. We are passionate about creating only the best, with the highest standards in security, functionality, and design.

Solving Problems

Whether we are writing code or drawing graphics, we are solving problems and creating solutions that benefit thousands of people all over the world. That is something to be proud of.

Having Fun

We enjoy what we do and we have fun doing it. The greatest joy we have is the great response we get from our clients, seeing how our apps contribute to their success.



Since PT&T was founded over 15 years, we have designed and developed many exciting and successful apps. Some years ago, we partnered with AIS, Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator, to develop a security and storage app for their customers. The app is AIS Cloud+.

Working with one of the biggest mobile phone operators in the world has been a challenge that has helped us learn and grow, and keep a very high standard in everything we do, in every app we develop.


PT&T’s main motivation over the years has been the desire to use apps to solve every day problems we face at work or in life.

In our contact with leaders of business, organizations, or government institutions, we are told again and again that the main problems they face are in the fields of communication, people management, and leadership. Therefore, in addition to our back-up and security apps, our emphasis has been in developing apps that provide solutions in these areas.


We strive to constantly keep growing, changing and improving. We realize that the only way we can continue the success we have achieved so far is to continue to innovate, look at everyday problems in new ways, and develop solutions that are intuitive and creative as well as robust and simple.

It is our goal that as we continue to improve and grow, we also maintain our focus to create and develop apps that make your work simpler and help you enjoy life more.